434 Circle Dr Clarksville TN 37043 Sold

  • $65000

I have a property at 434 Circle Dr in Clarksville Tn 37043 . 3 bed 1bath 1300 sqft  Main Floor living area, and another 1000sq ft of living area in the downstairs unit!

The downstairs was gutted due to some kids that vandalized the property when it was vacant. It is stripped down to the studs  so you can move around the layout but its has all the plumbing ran and the ductwork is in. There is also a seperate electric panel in the basement. The owners had two electric meters at one point but changed it over to one meter when they were renting the entire place to their kids to make it easier paying one bill instead of  two. I would add that second meter back for the two seperate units.

The upstairs is well kept, it has a tenant in right now at $675/month (tenant is moving out soon they were behind on rent) and the current owners have never had an issue renting this one out, as a matter of fact they never even had to advertise. There are hardwoods under the carpet, roof is in good condition, newer water heater upstairs, HVAC units in good condition.

My take on this property is you can do a quick turnover on the upstairs for maybe $1000, then put about $15k into the unit downstairs to have a nice 2 bed 1 bath unit that should have no problem bringing in $500/month. So with that all said youd be in for say $81,000 ($65,000 + 16,000 for repairs =$81,000)  and you should have no problem bringing in MINIMUM $1300/month is gross rents.


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434 Circle Dr Clarksville TN 37043

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